What made me tick at 81?

What makes me tick at the age of 81 and realizing that I no longer have the same mental and physical agility of my youth?! I am feeling a bit like the poet who wrote:  ‘You do not think that I am going to tell you who I dare to love…’ and continues: ‘I want to die for my beloved without naming her’. He, the Lord is this beloved, my beloved.

At home in HackneyAt home in Hackney

Here are a few pointers.

Ecclesiastes says that there is a time for everything. Mine is one for thanksgiving, accepting peacefully whatever happens, because there are not a lot of roads left open anyway!

A sentence from a Benedictine whose name I forgot always remains in my mind: ‘Every moment of our live comes with a call and a grace, and goes to eternity with our answer.’

So my aim is to be vigilant to what is offered and with whatever I have at hand to answer the call. If I do not succeed, I want to ask for forgiveness and begin anew, unperturbed.

Visiting patients at a Hospice, giving time to a soup kitchen, welcoming little Sisters coming here to learn English and taking my turn at house keeping, according to my strength, fills my days and not one resembles the next!

I like to recall old poetry and songs which come back to me with ease, following the rhythm of everyday life. I touch once again their wisdom and bring them to life. I like to crack jokes and tell funny stories and share the fun I feel welling up in me despite sadness and failures, because in the end, what is important, is to be rooted where we have to be, and let God do with it what He intends...