Little Sisters of Jesus

Multi-cultural Community at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus

1950 El Abiodh tent1950 El Abiodh tent

There is a lot of research and talk today about multiculturalism in religious life. My reading about it has been limited to be honest. But I think that my community, the Little Sisters of Jesus, has a certain experience of it that might be interesting to simply share.  read more »

A school of life: the 'Prayer of Abandon' of Charles de Foucauld

The last photo of Charles de FoucauldThe last photo of Charles de Foucauld

In this article I will draw on many of Br Antoine Chatelard's insights and in particular, those about de Foucauld's well known Prayer of Abandon.  read more »

My Discovery of Little Sister Magdeleine

Tre FontaneTre Fontane

Little Sister Iris-Mary invited the author, Kathryn Spink, to Tre Fontane to speak about Little Sister Magdeleine.  read more »

Following Jesus of Nazareth

In attempting to assemble the pieces of Little Sister Magdeleine's life for her biography one of the things that impressed itself very strongly upon me was the extent to which she was not one who came to know God or his will through rational thought or discursive reasoning. Her life and the history of the Fraternity, as she recorded them, were repeatedly defined in terms of God having taken her by the hand and of her having blindly followed.
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