The Circus and God's Creation

Priscilla and two clownsPriscilla and two clowns

Do you realize how the Circus speaks of God?  read more »

A slice of Life in Cuba

A slice of life - Cuba
from Raudel in Havana

Raudel, a young brother from Cuba (Havana) talks about his life and work in the neighbourhood of the fraternity, and the young people around him who have to survive without money or work.  read more »

Part of our history: Mexico City, 'El Jardin'

El Jardin, with friends in the parkEl Jardin, with friends in the park

Three Little Sisters live in an apartment in La Candelaria, a neighbourhood near the central historic district of Mexico City. Mauricia, who coordinates our communities which reach out to people in the worlds of prostitution, drug addiction, and prison, spent some time with them last year:  read more »

Part of our history: Ruca Choroi

This little community in the Cordillera of the Andes among the Mapuche share how they live inter-religious dialogue every day in its simplest form.  read more »

Part of our History: Chicago, our home

Three Little sisters describe their life in Chicago.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Brazil, Consequences for the planet

Gathering in Brazil 2007Gathering in Brazil 2007

The Little sisters from Goiania in the state of Gioas, explain about the ecological issues in farming practices in their Region.  read more »