Photo Album: Little sisters of Jesus, Philippines

Photographs of the Little Sisters of Jesus and their friends in the Philippines  read more »

Part of our history, The wrath of a Cyclone


Cyclone Sendong made landfall on the Philippine island of Mindanao on December 16, 2011.More than a million people were affected. The Little Sisters of the Philippines had a fraternity in Iligan from 1990 to 1994. Little sister Cecilia Grace lived there, and said "These places are like home to me." She went to visit friends after the storm, and wrote the following on January 27, 2012:  read more »

Part of our History, Casual jobs 'without a name'

Agatha, on leftAgatha, on left

I am still busy with the same type of work, doing cleaning jobs in the area. Manual work is part of the life of the majority of humanity. It is often work that does not have a special name: "could you do this or could you do that?"  read more »

Work at home

Gonez at homeGonez at home

For the first time I find myself staying at home to keep house. For me it means living another aspect of Nazareth: cooking, shopping, cleaning.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in the Philippines share their 'stories'

There are two communities of the Little Sisters of Jesus in the Philippines in different districts of Manila.

We want to share with you something of our daily life. Here are some of our "stories":  read more »