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It is love that should recollect you in me

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It is love that should recollect you in me interiorly and not being far from my children. See me in them, like me at Nazareth live close to them, lost in God.
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Charles de Foucauld, Journey to Tamanrasset by Antoine Chatelard

'The originality of this book is that it introduces us with ruthless honesty to the inner turmoil that this exceptional man of the twentieth century went through in his search to faithfully answer the call of 'Jesus, the Workman of Nazareth'.
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A word for Christmas, Brother Charles and Pope Francis

Brother Charles and Pope Francis speak of responding to the Infant Jesus and giving priority to the poorest of our brothers and sisters.
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Powerpoint: Trasna, a crossing place to newness

A PowerPoint composed by LS Asia in Ireland, inspired by Irish Culture.
Trasna in Irish means a crossing place, a place of decision, a turning point an opening up to something new.  read more »

The Prayer of Abandonment

THE PRAYER OF ABANDONMENT The well-known "prayer of abandonment" is often the first, or even only, thing people know about Charles de Foucauld. They frequently find it both challenging and deeply meaningful or consoling. Lsr Kathy recounts how it came into being:
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National Fraternity Virtual Meeting to celebrate Br Charles

Meeting on Zoom of Charles de Foucauld Community in the UK on 28th November 2020  read more »