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Carmen Rebeca's final vows in Malaga, Spain, November 2009

Veronika Myriam shares her reflections and prayer after being present at the Final Vows' ceremony of Carmen Rebeca in Malaga.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Spain, Murcia, a new start.

Murcia communityMurcia community

The little sisters have closed their Community in Valverde to open a new Community in Murcia. The neighbourhood is called 'little Marrakech'. Their neighbours are from different ethnic groups: latin, african, from the Magreb and a big group from Eastern Europe. Juana is delighted to have found a job not with strawberries this time, but with Melons!  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Poland, Discovering Poland

International gathering at Laski 2008International gathering at Laski 2008

I am just back from a gathering in Warsaw.

Representatives from the different Communities of the Little sisters in Poland were present and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to hear more about what each Community is living.  read more »

Part of our history, Among the Korokane Romanies from Kosovo

We have been six months here in Crotone seeking to learn, to make friends, to understand and to be understood among this group of Muslim Romanies.  read more »

The Younger Generation celebrate 70 years since the Foundation of the Little sisters of Jesus, 8th September 1939

News from the New Generation

Little sister Magdeleine wrote: 'I only wanted a work of love.'

'To celebrate our 70 years, we have to do something which is a little crazy!'

This is how Gertrude Veronika welcomed the 67 young women who arrived in Tre Fontane, Rome, to celebrate the beginnings of their Community in Touggourt, Algeria in 1939.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Italy, Tre Fontane, Rome

Tre Fontane is the family house of the Little sisters of Jesus and their world-wide centre in Rome.  read more »

The earth our Home: Naples

Refuse in NaplesRefuse in Naples

All over the world, our environment and re-thinking how we relate to it is becoming increasingly urgent. The poor have borne, and will continue to bear, the biggest brunt of the suffering caused by the exploitation and abuse of the earth. Here is the first of three stories relating how the Little Sisters have shared the experiences of their people:  read more »

Prejudice and Encounter


A big question in Italy at the moment is that of the Romanies and of the Romanians, often mistakenly considered as one and the same people. Since Romania is part of the European Union, a great number of Romanians, now European citizens, arrived in Italy, drawn by the hope of finding work. The massive arrival at the same time of many Rom nomads who have never been welcome in Italy is considered as a threat to security.  read more »