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Little Sisters of Jesus in Italy, Linking up

The Communities in Italy are very varied: in big cities, in country areas, among travelling communities and in entertainment parks. Everywhere theirs is a life centred on the person of Jesus and on seeking his face in every person whoever they may be.  read more »

In Greenland: Where will the future lead us? Part of our history.

Nuuk mountainsNuuk mountains

From Nuuk, Little sister Noele paints a broad picture of the evolution taking place in the country and in the society where they live.  read more »

Part of our history, Life in Patras


A new community has opened recently in Patras, seeking to live and work in the way of Nazareth, as part of the local Greek community and building links between the different Church traditions.  read more »

Part of our history, Giannitsa, my experience at work

A vivid description of the daily slog and monotony of working in a fruit sorting factory.  read more »