Charles de Foucauld

The Unique Model

'The One and Only Model' compiled by Brother Charles, is as he himself writes to Father Huvelin, 'a portrait of Our Lord Jesus Christ, based on sentences from the Gospel'. It was first published by R de Richemont, the executer of Father Huvelin's will. Brother Charles had asked Father Huvelin to publish it but he died before being able to do so.  read more »

Liturgy for the Votive Mass for Blessed Brother Charles of Jesus, 1st December

Pope Benedict at Brother Charles' BeatificationPope Benedict at Brother Charles' Beatification

Texts proposed by the postulator, Father Maurice Bouvier, for the Votive Mass of Blessed Brother Charles on the 1st December.  read more »

Prayer to obtain a favour through the intercession of Brother Charles - Father de Foucauld

Charles de Foucauld discovered the infinite greatness of God's love by contemplating the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

We are invited to pray through his intercession for our intentions.  read more »

Brother Charles' Prayer of Abandonment is Jesus' prayer

Br Charle's prayerBr Charle's prayer

This prayer invites us to unite ourselves to Jesus. It seeks to trace a path for our life’s journey with God and with humanity. It is the path which Jesus travelled before us. We are encouraged to give ourselves in confident abandonment to the Father.  read more »

The Vision of the Gospel that filled the mind and heart of Brother Charles

Brother IanBrother IanLeaflets of Brother Ian's textsLeaflets of Brother Ian's texts Downloadable texts of a series of talks given by Little Brother of Jesus, Ian Latham, to a group of priests in the Jesus Caritas fraternity. They present what the Gospel meant to Charles to Foucauld and how he came to discover his 'Nazareth' vocation.  read more »

Charles de Foucauld in Tamanrasset : a fraternal life at the heart of the world

This text enables us to follow the path taken by Brother Charles from the ”monastic cloister” to a life that takes on the style of that of the ordinary people of Tamanrasset.  read more »

Exploring Prayer with Charles de Foucauld

A collection of short quotations from Blessed Charles de Foucauld for reflection and prayer.  read more »

Links & Resources

Resources available concerning Brother Charles: books, articles, dowloads, web links, etc.  read more »

Charles de Foucauld: Writings

Charles de Foucauld's wrote:

  • to help him concentrate when praying;
  • many letters to family, friends and enquirers;
  • an account of his early exploration of Morocco
  • and, later in life, his studies of the Tuareg language and culture.

Some of these writings are publicly available:  read more »

Extract from a meditation on the Eucharist in Lourdes, September 2008

Lourdes 12-15 sept 2008Lourdes 12-15 sept 2008

Pope Benedict prays the prayer of Br Charles at Lourdes during a meditation on the Eucharist.  read more »