Charles de Foucauld

Read and re-read ceaselessly the Holy Gospel

CdF old face
Read and re-read ceaselessly the Holy Gospel... so as to always have before one's mind the actions, words and thoughts of Jesus, in order to think, speak and act like Jesus, to follow the examples and teachings of Jesus, not the examples and ways of behaving of the world. We fall into this latter so quickly, as soon as we take our eyes off the Divine Model.
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Spread the holy gospel

CdF old face
You ask me whether I am ready to go anywhere else than Beni-Abbés to spread the holy gospel? To do that I am ready to go to the end of the world and to live until the last judgement.
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A school of life: the 'Prayer of Abandon' of Charles de Foucauld

The last photo of Charles de FoucauldThe last photo of Charles de Foucauld

In this article I will draw on many of Br Antoine Chatelard's insights and in particular, those about de Foucauld's well known Prayer of Abandon.  read more »

Love is Stronger than Tension and Division

To Bishop François Blondel of Viviers...

...I give thanks for the witness of contemplative and apostolic life of the humble, poor hermit of Hoggar, who was set on following Jesus of Nazareth.  read more »

Main Events in Charles de Foucauld's Life

An account of the main events in Brother Charles' life, with pictures.

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Time-line of main events in Charles de Foucauld's life (text only)


1858 Born a Vicomte at Strasbourg, Sept. 15.
1864 Mother died in March, father six months later. With younger sister, he lived with his maternal grandfather.  read more »

The man who turns religion into love

Ghardaia - Sahara
Beatification and Canonization
of the Servant of God
(Little Brother Charles of Jesus)
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