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From the Cross to the Crib, Spiritual way of Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus

Tre fontane Grotto chapelTre fontane Grotto chapel

Little sister Magdeleine brings a fresh understanding to the mission of Jesus, expressed throughout his life in the crib, no less than the cross.  read more »

Final vows in India

Rakini and PriyaRakini and Priya

Little siters Rakini and Priya make their final vows in India on the 13th November 2009.

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Discovering God's Wonders

Natalie FlorNatalie Flor

Nathalie Flor from French speaking Cameroon goes to Nigeria to learn English and describes her stay.  read more »

Living Life at over 80

A group of Little sisters in their eighties and over share about how they live and give meaning to their stage of life.  read more »

Little sisters of Jesus 70th Anniversary Celebration in Algeria, Touggourt

Touggourt 70th AnniversaryTouggourt 70th Anniversary

On the 8th September the Little sisters celebrated 70 years since their foundation by Little sister Magdeleine of Jesus, in Touggourt, in 1939.

Homily by Bishop Claude Rault of Laghouat, Sahara  read more »

5 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, His Message

2001 Brother Rene Voillaume in Canada2001 Brother Rene Voillaume in Canada

Brother Rene shares the insights of his faith and convictions.  read more »

4 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, Landmarks

Brother Rene relates his journey as a Little Brother and his role in the foundations within the spiritual family.
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The Unique Model

'The One and Only Model' compiled by Brother Charles, is as he himself writes to Father Huvelin, 'a portrait of Our Lord Jesus Christ, based on sentences from the Gospel'. It was first published by R de Richemont, the executer of Father Huvelin's will. Brother Charles had asked Father Huvelin to publish it but he died before being able to do so.  read more »

Life and Spirituality - living the intuitions of Brother Charles

Which aspects of Brother Charles' life and intuitions interest you the most? Consider them here...  read more »

Working Life - in the footsteps of the Carpenter of Nazareth

Members of the spiritual family of Charles de Foucauld at work...  read more »