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Sharing the life of those who are on the fringes and without power

We want to belong to the world of the poor to the world of the less privileged, those who find themselves on the fringes of society.  read more »

True Friendship and Profound Affection

I want you to believe that true friendship and profound affection can exist between people who do not follow the same religion,nor come from the same race or social background.  read more »

The way of Nazareth

Jesus made ordinary daily life a meeting place with the Father.  read more »

Bethlehem: the way of Spiritual Childhood

God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit that cries,'Abba, Father'!
 read more »

Contemplatives at the heart of the world

You have only one Model: Jesus. Do not look for another. Like Jesus during his life on earth, make yourself all things to all people.  read more »

Following Brother Charles of Jesus

Having lost his faith during an unsettled youth, Charles rediscovered God at the age of 28. It was his contact with the faith of the Muslim people during an expedition to Morocco that was the start of his journey back to God.  read more »

Our roots in a Muslim world

1939 Touggourt1939 Touggourt

After 50 years of presence in Norway, the Little sisters close their community. To celebrate and thank God for all the tiny seeds sown in the ground a long standing friend decided to organize a study day for lay people with the aim of exploring how the spirituality of Brother Charlesspeaks to the lay person in today’s world.  read more »

From Aubonne in Switzerland

Little sister Maria Hedwig who is Austrian, writes from her community in Aubonne near Geneva:  read more »