This is the essence of our vocation

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This is the essence of our vocation: to succeed in the difficult task of finding place in our hearts for all those people whom we are in close contact with in our day-to-day life, those whom the Lord places on our path, and to do it as though they were the only friend we had. That is the message of our Community, and I want us to carry it throughout the world, over every continent, to all peoples, be they Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Marxists or non-believers.  read more »

A Ministry of Friendship


One of the great characteristics in the life of Jesus which I pick up from the Gospels is that Jesus had many friends and loved parties. "Of course he loved parties", said a Jewish friend of mine - "He was a good Jew".  read more »

Open wide our hearts

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I believe more and more that we have not been created merely to achieve our own personal spiritual perfection. Neither have we been called to organise efficient, well-run communities. Our role is to prepare the ground and to sow the seed... The whole world is crying out to us. Faith is dying, the spark of love is fading, because there are not enough warm hearths of welcoming love in the world... I am sure that we must open wide our hearts and souls and the doors of our houses...
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True friendship can exist

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I want you to believe that true friendship and profound affection can exist between people who do not come from the same religion, nor from the same race, nor from the same social background.
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Sharing Life and Contemplation

A contemplative life and incessant activity

I will try briefly to answer your questions: How can one lead a truly authentic contemplative life while working amidst the incessant activity of life in a city or wherever? And how do the Little Brothers do this?  read more »