Something very small and simple

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What I am dreaming of is something very simple and small in numbers, something to resemble those simple communities of the Church’s early days. To lead the life of Nazareth, working humbly and contemplating Jesus, a little family, a little monastic household, something very small and simple.
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They will strive continually

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They will strive continually to become more and more like our Lord Jesus, taking for their model His life at Nazareth, which provides examples for all callings.
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Let us stay with Him

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Let us stay with Him in the humble house of Nazareth, working people who live by exercising a humble trade, poor and lowly people who live disregarded, obscure, hidden and prayerful in the solitude and seclusion, the silence, forgotteness and communion with God, that poverty helps us so much to obtain.
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The means Jesus used

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The means Jesus used at his birth in the Manger, at Nazareth and on the Cross are these: poverty, utter lowliness, humiliation, rejection, persecution, suffering, the cross. These are our arms, the ones used by our divine Bridegroom, who asks us to let him continue his life in us. Let us follow him as our sole model and we are sure to do much good, for in that case it will not be we who live but he who lives in us. Our acts will no longer be our own, human and frail, but his divinely efficacious acts.
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Our Lady of WalsinghamOur Lady of Walsingham

We also have a community in Walsingham, a little village in Norfolk, which has been a place of pilgrimage to Our Lady, since the 10th Century.  read more »

A holiness which is human

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I would like to pass on to my little sisters the important ideal of a holiness which is human. I want them to fix their eyes and their heart on the life of Jesus which was so simple, so that they can get the taste for the extraordinary out of their minds forever, unless, of course, it's a taste for the extraordinarily simple. Then, onto this humanity, we must graft divine love, a love without measure.
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Sharing Life and Contemplation

A contemplative life and incessant activity

I will try briefly to answer your questions: How can one lead a truly authentic contemplative life while working amidst the incessant activity of life in a city or wherever? And how do the Little Brothers do this?  read more »

For you, who am I? - Postscript

Marc hoped that I could adapt the language of this section of his letter, written within a community of men, all of whom aspire to be 'brother', for more 'inclusive' use  read more »