Little Sisters of Jesus in Japan, 'To live together'

Please pray for the people of Japan at this time...

Photo album: Little sisters of Jesus, India

Here are photographs of India and members of the fraternities and their friends there...

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Catharine :Thirty years on the 13th floor.

View from our tower block flatView from our tower block flat
Bernadette Kehoe who works for the Congregation for Religious pays a visit to Gospel night at the Little sisters in their Tower block.
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The Companions of Jesus of Nazareth-a new family

An introduction to a new group started in the USA called the Companions of Jesus of Nazareth.
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Union Sodality

Today this original group is called "Union-Sodality" and has members on all five continents.  read more »


How to live Nazareth in differnt ways in Nazareth itself...  read more »

Jerusalem V1 Station,

The Little sisters try to understand their vocation in the suffering context of Jerusalem.  read more »

Part of our history, Prior Velho No 2

This is the continuation of the story about the struggle of immigrants in the neighbourhood of Prior Velho to find housing and security.  read more »