Lay Communities of Charles de Foucauld

Lay Community Picnics

Kew picnicKew picnicWhat i s different in a Lay community picnic?  read more »

A Way of Love-Learn about the Lay Fraternity of Brother Charles

An updated leaflet giving the main outline of the spirituality of members of the Lay Fraternity of Blessed Brother Charles of Jesus.
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The spiritual charism of Nazareth:

This article on the Charism of Nazareth by Gisbert Greshake is a foundational text for a serious understanding of Nazareth and Brother Charles'life  read more »

The Prophetic and Apostolic Vision of the Lay Fraternity of Charles de Foucauld Yesterday and Today

Lay Fraternity Delegates at the international meeting in Arusha, Tanzania, July 2  read more »

Lay International Meetings

Every six years there is a world-wide meeting of delegates from the lay communities around the world. The most recent one took place in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2006.  read more »

Lay communities around the world

Information about the Lay communities of Charles de Fouaculd around the world.  read more »

Lay Links & Resources

Web links, publications, dowmloads and other resources from the Lay communities of Charles de Foucauld.  read more »

A Way of Unty

This internationally agreed text outlines the vocation of the Lay Fraternities of Charles de Foucauld.  read more »