Working together

Noordgesig, Orlando

Noordesig OrlandoNoordesig Orlando

There are three Little sisters in Noordgesig.  read more »

Notes from my Diary, Talcahuano

Making jam!Making jam! Little sister Gertrud Veronika visits Talcahuana.
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Little Sisters of Jesus in Chile, Notes from my Diary,

The visit of Little sister Gertrud Veronika and Gabrielle Yvette from our General Community was a wonderful Christmas gift.  read more »

Part of our history: Life among the Toubou and the Kerboubou Tuareg of Niger

Little sister Ria Christine from Holland lived in Niger for twenty-six years. She lived with the Toubous nomads for eighteen years and then among the Tuareg in Kerboubou for eight years.

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Little Sisters of Jesus in Ethiopia

Little Sister Ascale and Ascale Myriam from Ethiopia both spent time recently in London to brush up their English and we are always happy to receive news.this letter dates from December 2010  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Slovak Republic: News from Bresno

Our yellow house in BresnoOur yellow house in Bresno

10% of the population in Slovakia are Romany and we decided together that we would like to live among this people who are so often treated as second class citizens.  read more »