Websites of the Little Sisters of Jesus

Little Sisters of Jesus, Czech Republic

A site by the Little Sisters of Jesus in the Czech Republic, written in Czech.

Little Sisters of Jesus, USA

LSJ USA website: Thumbnail of LSJ USA website

An English-language website about the Little Sisters of Jesus worldwide, hosted in the USA

Little Sisters of Jesus Hidden in a Tower Block, Hackney, London

Paul Willis meets the Sisters who were inspired by Charles de Foucauld to establish an oasis of prayer in an east London high-rise - an article from the Catholic Herald, 19 March 2010, by Paul Willis.

Little Sisters of Jesus, Japan イエスの小さい姉妹の友愛会

Japanese language website of the Little Sisters of Jesus.

Our Parish in Nuuk, Greenland and a DVD on our life in French

The Catholic Community website in Nuuk, Greenland with a DVD in French on the life of the Little sisters of Jesus.