Multi-cultural Community at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus

In LebanonIn Lebanon

With many adventures they did.  Some of those places were the industrialized urban centers where the sisters worked in factories.  Some of those places were deep in the Amazon or in remote villages of Alaska or Australia.  And some were in areas torn by the violence of hatred and war.  She would go most anywhere but particularly where the Church was not present or where people suffered from discrimination, violence, divisions or poverty.

London PortobelloLondon Portobello

Foundations in every continent resulted in women from those countries asking to join.  Magdeleine saw in this a wonderful way of concretely living out a sign of unity.  She was not a woman of theories but one of dreams, seemingly undaunted by the inconveniences of what she was undertaking.  She was not naïve about the demands of the life-style but was convinced that the power of love could continue working miracles in our day.