Multi-cultural Community at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus

At present my community numbers about 1300 women from 67 nationalities living in 72 countries.  There are only 25 of us in the United States.  Of that number about half have been born in the U.S. of European or Mexican ancestry.  The rest come from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Haiti and Sri Lanka.   Little sister Magdeleine dreamed us into existence through the grace of God and her audacity to believe that what was deemed folly in the eyes of many was really the wisdom of God.  She just went on and did it believing that “Jesus is the Master of the Impossible.”  None of us will ever do it perfectly.  We have made plenty of mistakes and will surely find new mistakes down the road.  

In a world more and more affected by globalization on every level I am grateful for her vision.  For her the differences of culture, race, religion, temperament or age were cause for celebration and mutual enrichment.  While not simple to negotiate, she believed that embracing these differences is a sign of the Reign of God.  It is a response to Jesus’ call to be one, to build a world where we are sisters and brothers to one another.