Hackney, London

Our communityOur community

Here in Hackney, we live in a Council flat on the 13th floor of a Tower Block. The East-End of London has traditionally been the first port of call for people coming from every country and the meeting of cultures is a wonderful challenge to build Community.

Our parish, St Monica'a Hoxton is a lively place where we pray and celebrate together from many different countries.

We have an open house for local friends and friends from far and wide. Some come to pray and have a sharing on the Gospel, others for a chatt and a meal.


We are five or sometimes six in the community.

Pat with Wonok Oct 2010Pat with Wonok Oct 2010

Little sister Patricia:

Since she left her job at St Joseph's hospice she has been giving time to neighbours and friends i on our estate as well as making friends with people who are homeless. Back at home she is often called on to help student Little Sisters from different continents to learn English.

Claire with helpers at the Soup kitchen in Stoke NewingtonClaire with helpers at the Soup kitchen in Stoke NewingtonLittle sister Claire, who is now 89 and both poorsighted and with hearing difficulties readapts to her new situation seeking little ways to be helpful and to stay in touch with parishioners and friends. She draws on her knowledge of scripture to prepare our Gospel sharing each Friday.

Little Sister Catharine, after 12 years as a Home Carer in the area puts energy into building up community, giving time to neighbours, local friends and groups and having a special concern to pray and share with young people who are searching.

Canh preparing a Vietnamese meal in our kitchenCanh preparing a Vietnamese meal in our kitchen

Little sister Canh was born in Vietmam but lived many years in both France and Italy. Through her we are so happy to make new friends among the Vietnamese community living in our area.
Little sister Kathleen Kathleen is from Canada and helps Little sisters in different countries with Bible study and to get to know our founders during times of formation and noviciate. Her presence helps us to remain in touch with communities all over the world.
Little sister Pavla is from the Czech Republic and is making a big effort to learn english. She enjoys meeting people from so many different cultural backgrounds is looking for a job as a Carer.

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Address: 148 Fellows Court, Weymouth Terrace, London E2 8LW
Tel: 02077293605