5 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, His Message

2001 Brother Rene Voillaume in Canada2001 Brother Rene Voillaume in Canada

Jesus alone

You know what the Gospel says,

"Raising their eyes, they so no one but only Jesus himself, alone" (Matthew 17:8).
And what does that mean "Jesus alone"? It means Jesus as he was before his Transfiguration, susceptible to being denied by the people, condemned to death and crucified; it means Jesus as he was for thirty years among people, without anyone being able to recognize him as the only Son who had come from the Father. On Mount Tabor, a luminous cloud had taken the apostles under its shadow, and a voice came from the cloud saying,
"This is my beloved Son who has my favour: listen to him" (Matthew 17:5).
But when they came down the mountain, Jesus gave them this prohibition:
"Do not tell anyone about this vision until the Son of Man has risen from the dead".
And what surprises us is that the apostles, when the time of the Passion arrived, did not make the connection!

There is truly something in us poor human beings which refuses to see "God's views" which do not go in our direction (cf Matthew 16:23), even when we want to obey in everything the divine will. Human intelligence rebels against entering into the mystery of the cross. And we should not believe that this will be any easier for us than it was for the apostles just because we have twenty centuries of the history of the Church, with all the richness of its reflection on the mystery of Redemption, and the experience and example of saints who understood what the cross was. We should tell ourselves that we will never fully understand what God wants of us, in real terms, in our life, because we are continually trying to escape from the reality of Redemption, which means the way in which God intends that his plan of salvation should be brought about, the way in which God intends to be present and at work in the hearts of each person, and in our hearts as well.

One of the lessons of the Transfiguration is to learn to live with "Jesus alone", in the ordinary course of our lives in which moments of transfiguration are rare. We need to learn to live the great supernatural realities - the resurrection of Jesus, the hope that this gives us, the expectation of the total possession of God - we need to learn to live these great supernatural realities now, in the apparent mediocrity of our days.

Do not expect anything else for your life. It is because we do not go out to encounter the Lord as he is offering himself to us, that we tire and get discouraged. Even our weaknesses are something that the Lord expects to be opportunities for interior simplification, humility and repentance for us, something that only the sinner can give to God, but which is certainly what God wants from us. (To the Little Sisters of Beirut, 1962)