5 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, His Message


Those among us who have been chosen for the apostolate will never be humble enough before the truth that they do not possess and which has chosen them, or before their fellow human beings who advance gropingly towards the God who attracts them despite themselves, and without revealing himself, and in the weakness of the means that they employ. The worst thing is for this assurance, sometimes even tainted with contempt or pity, to become incarnated in the spirit of institutions of the apostolate, and these institutions in their turn risk leaving their mark on the apostles.

We will never understand to what extent the believer needs to be worked on, ploughed over, purified by the beatitudes, the beatitude of poverty and humility, the beatitude of gentleness which excuses everything, understands everything, the beatitude of suffering and failure which makes the heart melt and forbids it from judging anyone, in order to be worthy and capable of being an apostle. Alas, the more that institutional means are used by the apostles, and the more naturally effective they are, and the greater is the risk of seeing the heart of the apostle become insensitive to the imploring cry of Christ. The apostle risks being made infertile by the means he uses. He then ceases to provide the possibility that God set him apart to be, so that He could use the heart of a poor man, a heart murdered by the cross, broken by love, a love melted by a humble tenderness for one's brothers and sisters, in order to make Himself known to people through such a person.

Such hearts are, perhaps the only break in the veil of silence and obscurity that God has mysteriously wanted to surround himself with, while people live on earth moving towards their destiny. (In Jesus Caritas, French edition, April 1975).