5 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, His Message


When you pray, ask yourself what you are going to do and why.

You have to pray first of all because since God has made you for himself, it is to him that you must return, and prayer is like the 'gravity' that causes and accelerates this movement of return to your Lord and Sovereign Good.

You have to pray because the Lord Jesus attracts you by his love and because you love him in return: friendship calls for an intimate dialogue, in which you can express your love and get to know God by experience and through love. It is a matter of attaining a very simple knowledge, usually obscure, beyond all speech, in which the divine things are tasted either in their sweetness or in their bitterness. This is why your prayer is sometimes reduced to being only a profound cry, like a humble waiting, silent but full of desire for the knowledge of God which only the Holy Spirit can communicate to you.

You have to pray because you are infinitely small and pitiable, and because in order to be totally honest, you need to express this dependence of your being, imploring the Lord to fill your inadequacy with his fullness.

And finally, you have to pray because the Lord has called you to work with him in the salvation of mankind, not only by sharing his cross, but through constant prayer and by taking your part in his prayer in the Garden of Olives. You are responsible for others; you will never be sufficiently convinced of this. Remember that by praying with all your soul and at the expense of yourself, you do the most that you can to save and sanctify those people whose spiritual destiny Jesus has decided it would be good to link to your pitiable cooperation. (Rule of life of the Little Brothers of Jesus)