5 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, His Message

Chapel of Le Tubet, Aix en Provence, FranceChapel of Le Tubet, Aix en Provence, France


It is important for each of us to situate clearly in our lives the place that these long moments spent face to face with the Blessed Sacrament should have. They are essential, and we certainly feel that, not only for the fervour of our life of faith, but also for the fulfilment of our vocation in the Church. For each of us, the Christian life is the story of an admirable exchange of life and mutual love, through which Christ saves us, transforms us and draws us to himself as God.

These exchanges of divine love which constitute the essential basis of our present life can be established with the Lord in his different states. It seems to me, in fact, that our life with him could not be complete if it did not seek Jesus both as he was during the years of his life on earth, as he is now in his Church and his Sacrament, and finally as we will be united with him one day in Glory. (To the brothers of Marseilles, June 5, 1964)