5 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, His Message


The Eucharist is Christ himself, sacrificed, offered as redemption and given for us and for all people. The sacramental appearances really give Christ to us, not in just any state - they are infinitely and always true in the sense that they truly make present that whole reality that they signify: Christ present, of course, but mainly and primarily, Christ offered.

Living a eucharistic life does not mean just believing in this mystery and adoring it, in the outpourings of intimate devotion or public worship; it is, from the strength of love and attracted by a special grace, to be configured to Christ as he is expressed to us through the Sacrament, in this double state of oblation to his Father and offering to people as food. For the Little Brothers it is not a matter only of ensuring an exterior cult of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, but much more deeply, of living an intense eucharistic life.

Their lives, given to the Sacrament, should reproduce its traits - the offering of their whole being and of their lives to Christ, in union with the divine Sacrifice, and for the salvation of the world. This contemplative ministry is the essential basis of their life, their most fruitful, and also most hidden, activity... Like the Eucharist, which is also food, the Little Brothers should be given to their brothers, to all people, in total charity, having become through their eucharistic contemplation “food that can be eaten by others”. (El Abiodh, 1946)