5 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, His Message

Brother Rene Voillaume celebrating Mass in Brixton with the BrothersBrother Rene Voillaume celebrating Mass in Brixton with the Brothers


The true Christian, the one who believes in the whole mystery of Christ, should look his earthly life fully in the face in order to discover its precarious character, live it as a pilgrim who is not setting up a permanent home and looks forward to the end of his pilgrimage. But he should also discover the eternal aspect that death will not interrupt, which is divine charity. When we love our brothers and sisters, we are already on a level of eternity, if our love for them is a reflection of the love of God, making us love them as people destined, just like us, for eternity.

The wretched, painful and mortal aspect of human life on this earth is something relative; but each human being is already an absolute, and people are greater than the condition that they live. Through the love that we owe to the least of our human brothers and sisters, we can already live in the absolute of the eternal kingdom, started in this way here below, which will never end. No, we must not wait where love is concerned, for the only reality that will not change, the only reality that is already eternal, is that of the love that has been given by Jesus Christ. (To the brothers of Marseilles, 24 December 1960)