Little Brothers of Jesus

People of prayer

Like Jesus, the brothers wish to be “persons of prayer”: persons seeking an intimate and continuous relationship with Jesus, their “Beloved Brother and Lord”. They are particularly attentive to the acts and words of Jesus in the Gospel, allowing the Gospel to penetrate, little by little (‘drop by drop’, said Charles de Foucauld), their lives and reactions. They join in the prayer of God’s people, praying the psalms in union with Jesus for all who yearn and suffer and strive for the ‘fullness of life’.  read more »

A shared life

For us the message of the Good News is “announced” by a “shared life” and by the simple acts of love given and received. It is vital to approach the other, marked by their personal faith and ideals, with great respect: not just with normal human tolerance, but with God’s respect for that person’s goodness and for God’s presence in their life. We should be ‘crying the Gospel with our life’, as Brother Charles said.  read more »

Brothers and friends

We do not aim at helping through organized institutions such as schools and hospitals, essential as these are, but we wish to live at a ‘grass—roots’ level, sharing in the lives of ordinary people, in their joys and sorrows. This means for us always trying to live and to relate as “brothers”, and so to see and appreciate the ‘other’ as a brother or sister. It means trying to be genuine “friends”, and so being actively concerned for one’s neighbour as for oneself.  read more »

Jesus, our “one model”

Feeling called to follow Jesus as their “one model”, the brothers take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. They do so in order to be free, like Jesus, to share more fully in the lives of those ‘without special influence or status’. This could be in an inner-city housing-estate, in an Indian village or Japanese country town, in a North American suburb or a Latin American favella. In fact, wherever there is a situation of economic or social deprivation, and wherever the Gospel is unknown or misunderstood...  read more »

Little Brothers of Jesus: Introduction

The Little Brothers of Jesus live in small communities (of 2 to 4 brothers) sharing the daily life and work of ordinary people.  read more »