Little Sisters of Jesus

Portobello, London

Sisters Hilda a Cecile live in Portobello, famous for its market. Their small flat is an open house for prayer and friendship.  read more »

Around the world

Preparing to make Final vowsPreparing to make Final vows

Little Sisters of Jesus are scattered across the world...

There are about 1300 Little Sisters of 65 different nationalities.  read more »

Links and Resources

Find out about the life of the Little Sisters of Jesus...  read more »

Hackney, Fellows Court, London

Here in Hackney, we live in a Council flat on the 13th floor of a Tower Block. The East-End of London has traditionally been the first port of call for people coming from every country and the meeting of cultures is a wonderful challenge to build Community.

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Little Sisters of Jesus: Where are we?

The Little Sisters of Jesus began in Algeria and rapidly spread throughout the world...
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Vocational discoveries: Mary shares her discoveries of new horizons

One step at a time - I know Jesus is leading me and guiding me, even in the midst of the busy daily round of my day. If I can listen to him speaking to my heart, I know he will show me the way.
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Share your discoveries

People's response to Brother Charles' message
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Discerning your vocation

Are you searching to live your life to the full? Are you searching for a way that corresponds to a deep calling within you? What is really important for you as you seek to be a disciple of Jesus? Does this way of Bethlehem and Nazareth of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus speak to your heart?

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Little Sister Magdeleine's journey

psM_52_tubet.png "What was most striking on meeting L.S.Magdeleine was how she was open and in tune with life around her and how she knew how to respond with an amazing flexibility. Above all it was how she kept her eyes and heart centred on the ordinary life of the One who had fascinated her, Jesus.  read more »