Little Sisters of Jesus

Our Beginnings in Simdega, North India

Our beginnings in Simdega among the Tribal people of North India.
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Letters from Maria Chiara and her council to the Little sisters

Little Sisters of Jesus: their new councilLittle Sisters of Jesus: their new council

This is the first letter from Maria Chiara the recently elected General sister in charge of the Little sisters of Jesus during their international Chapter of September 2011.  read more »

Philippines, New Life in the wake of Haiyan

Reporting live from the field, Médecins Sans Frontières' (Doctors Without Borders) Yann Libessart shares the images of devastation and chaos upon arrival in typhoon-affected Philippines. Last week a makeshift maternity and labour room in Guiuan, on the east coast of Samar island in the Philippines, welcomed the first baby born on its premises (21 Nov 2013)  read more »

Our beautiful land of the Philippines

A sharing from the Little sisters on the recent devastation of their beautiful land.  read more »

A New Venture in Walsingham, Norfolk, England

Our Lady of the whole world HMOur Lady of the whole world HMUnique models belonging to the Little sisters of Jesus Welcome to come and see our Workshop and be inspired by the Joy and Simplicity of Bethlehem and the loving tenderness of Mary, Our Lady of the whole world giving her tiny Jesus to every person. 7 Egmere Rd, Walsingham, Norfolk, NR22 6BT Tel:(0)1328820422,
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A Pope from Argentina

Little sister Genevieve-Josephe is the niece of one of two French nuns who were abducted and murdered while working in Argentina during the so called 'Dirty war'. She shares about her meeting with Pope Francis.  read more »

Waiting for History

Little sister JoelLittle sister JoelLittle sister Joel writes an account of her Vigil in St Peter's Square waiting for the election of the new Pope.
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Solidarity with the Democratic Republic of Congo

Bishop Theophile Caboy of Goma describes the deteriorating situation in his diocese.

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Celebrating the Centenary of the rebirth of the Albanian Nation

Albania basketAlbania basket

Taking stock - the little sisters look to the future of the Christian presence in Albania.  read more »