Little Sister Pat from Hackney, Reaching out

Since I retired 9 years ago I have the time to do voluntary work. This means that I can choose what areas of community involvement attract me.

Something very dear to me is giving a hand to those who are working for and with people who are homeless. In London there exists a community of people who are interested in this work or who were homeless themselves. The community is called the "Simon Community". It is made up of both men and women. The number living in the community house varies from 8-10. As you can imagine they need others to volunteer for all their various activities; giving tea and coffee and a sandwich in the early morning - on Sundays and Mondays - soup in the evenings and going out to make friends and chat with those getting ready to sleep on the streets, giving them a hot drink and a smoke if wanted. There are also two street cafes which are both held in St Giles churchyard. Here people can meet and chat, eat and drink something.