Little Sisters of Jesus: Snapshots of individual members

A little sister writes about her life...

A young Little sister writes from Miyadera

The central house of the Little sisters is on the outskirts of Tokyo, where they can welcome new arrivals and have a bit more space for gatherings. A new postulant describes what she lives.  read more »

Nazareth with my Bagyeli friends in Ngovayang, Cameroon

Bagyeli childBagyeli child

'Sometimes the Lord allows us to discover hidden treasures, which belonging to everyone should be shared so that together we can give thanks to God. I have lived in Ngovayang nearly four years and want to share with you my discoveries about the way of Jesus of Nazareth.'  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Lebanon, Building and Rebuilding Bridges

Rania 's final vows ceremonyRania 's final vows ceremony

Rania shares about the meaning for her in making her final vows in her parish of Ras en Naba, on the demarcation line between east and west Beirut in Lebanon.  read more »

Ashkhen from Armenia tells her story: Jesus just asks us to love.

Ashken and LubicaAshken and Lubica

'If you exist, O God, lead me, show me the way.'

Ashken from Armenia, after a long search has decided to join the Little sisters and has asked to go and live in Turkey.

'Brother Charles loved the Muslim people very much, and that gave me the desire to love more, with all my heart, and not to see people as evil. I wanted us to be friends, to have no more separations between us, Turks and Armenians.'  read more »