News from the Little Sisters of Jesus

Little Sisters of Jesus the Palestinian Territories, Remembrance and hope

An ecumenical movement of committed lay-people from among the Palestinian community organized a prayer for peace on the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israel, under the title: 'Remembrance and hope'.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Brazil, Consequences for the planet

Gathering in Brazil 2007Gathering in Brazil 2007

The Little sisters from Goiania in the state of Gioas, explain about the ecological issues in farming practices in their Region.  read more »

Nazareth with my Bagyeli friends in Ngovayang, Cameroon

Bagyeli childBagyeli child

'Sometimes the Lord allows us to discover hidden treasures, which belonging to everyone should be shared so that together we can give thanks to God. I have lived in Ngovayang nearly four years and want to share with you my discoveries about the way of Jesus of Nazareth.'  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Peru, The earth our home - in San Marcos and San Juan de Iscos,

San Marcos, Peru, villagers in protestSan Marcos, Peru, villagers in protest

Little Sister Victorinha writes from San Marcos in the north-east Andes and Little sister Chiara from San Juan de Iscos, in the central Cordilleras about the disastrous results of irresponsible mining and industry on the lives of the local people.  read more »

News from the Communities of the Little sisters in India

Kammanahalli in the gardenKammanahalli in the garden

The Little sisters share about the changing reality of their vast country.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Lebanon, Building and Rebuilding Bridges

Rania 's final vows ceremonyRania 's final vows ceremony

Rania shares about the meaning for her in making her final vows in her parish of Ras en Naba, on the demarcation line between east and west Beirut in Lebanon.  read more »

India, Tradition and Modernity

India Bandhavi projectIndia Bandhavi project

Mariarmel gives an overall view of the the situation in India today as she experiences it and Divya describes her work at Visthar, a Centre for culture and development and particularly about their work with the devadasi girls or Temple prostitutes.  read more »

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