News from the Little Sisters of Jesus

Little Sisters of Jesus in Morocco, Fez. My companion Rida,

Rida with his teacher LatiffaRida with his teacher Latiffa

I will try to share with you here a bit about my work here in Fez. Since the month of March 2004, 1 have been working in an association for mentally handicapped children and I live this work as a path of encounter: encounter with myself, with others, and with the Other ...  read more »


River Niger at OnitshaRiver Niger at Onitsha

Caroline and Celestina describe life in their working neighbourhood of Okpopo.  read more »

Living Life at over 80

A group of Little sisters in their eighties and over share about how they live and give meaning to their stage of life.  read more »

Little sisters of Jesus 70th Anniversary Celebration in Algeria, Touggourt

Touggourt 70th AnniversaryTouggourt 70th Anniversary

On the 8th September the Little sisters celebrated 70 years since their foundation by Little sister Magdeleine of Jesus, in Touggourt, in 1939.

Homily by Bishop Claude Rault of Laghouat, Sahara  read more »

The Younger Generation celebrate 70 years since the Foundation of the Little sisters of Jesus, 8th September 1939

News from the New Generation

Little sister Magdeleine wrote: 'I only wanted a work of love.'

'To celebrate our 70 years, we have to do something which is a little crazy!'

This is how Gertrude Veronika welcomed the 67 young women who arrived in Tre Fontane, Rome, to celebrate the beginnings of their Community in Touggourt, Algeria in 1939.  read more »

Ashkhen from Armenia tells her story: Jesus just asks us to love.

Ashken and LubicaAshken and Lubica

'If you exist, O God, lead me, show me the way.'

Ashken from Armenia, after a long search has decided to join the Little sisters and has asked to go and live in Turkey.

'Brother Charles loved the Muslim people very much, and that gave me the desire to love more, with all my heart, and not to see people as evil. I wanted us to be friends, to have no more separations between us, Turks and Armenians.'  read more »

Gathering of the Regionals of the Little sisters of Jesus from Magreb and the Orient in Assisi

St FrancisSt Francis

     What is often remembered from a gathering like ours is not the words, but the climate, the air we breathed, the depth of personal sharing. Here then is an attempt to transmit a life experience that was very meaningful to us.  read more »

History in Istanbul

A historical event took place in Istanbul, at the Phanar, the seat of the Patriarchate in October 2008 - the encounter of the Patriarchs and of the other heads of Orthodox churches, who visited Turkey in the spirit of St. Paul.  read more »

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