Okafor Nkechinyere shares her discoveries of community life

In Awka we keep goats In Awka we keep goats and work together

I am glad to share with you my experience getting to know the community of the Little sisters of Jesus in Nigeria. I have discovered and seen what it means to love one another, and to live in unity and peace while leading a simple life. The little sisters' way of life surprised me and I started questioning myself about whether I would be able to join them.

Sharing is at the heart of our lifeSharing is at the heart of our life

The little sisters in Nigeria love each other and everybody they meet, especially those who are less fortunate. No little sister will eat without asking the others whether they have eaten. One day a Little Sister came home with the shopping and brought a guava fruit. That one guava was shared among the eight of us!

Preparing the mealPreparing the meal

They have a spirit of hospitality. The way they welcome visitors impresses me so much. They carry one another's problems. When one little sister is sick it affects the whole community. When the mother of one of the Little sisters died, the whole community was concerned.

Cooking casava outsideCooking casava outside

The little sisters share what they have with those who have less than they do. One day two Little sisters were visiting a friend in a neighbouring village. They happened to see a woman who is living alone. Entering her house they found her to be seriously sick. She could not work. The following day the little sisters took her to the hospital and brought her to our community. She was suffering from anemia. The Little sisters kept going to the hospital with her until she recovered and she returned home only when she was better. She said that the little sisters had gone to the spirit world and brought back her life!

The life of the little sisters in Nigeria is wonderful. I have not come across any other community quite the same! I pray that they will continue to follow the footsteps of their founder!.