Little Sister Magdeleine

Part of our History: Little sister Magdeleine and Patriarch Athenagoras

1965  with Patriarch Athénagoras1965 with Patriarch Athénagoras

Strong links with the Phanar were built up over the years through a deep friendship between Little sister Magdeleine and Patriarch Athenagoras.  read more »

The road to Bethlehem

Little sister Jeanne  2008Little sister Jeanne 2008

Little sister Jeanne and Little sister Annette, on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, visit Bethlehem and share the meaning of Bethlehem in the life of the Little Sisters.  read more »

The Call of the Desert

The Call of the Desert tells the story of an extraordinary woman called to a love which recognized no boundaries.  read more »

Our Lady of the whole world

Our Lady of the whole world, give your Infant Jesus to all people.  read more »

From her we learn to bring to others the One who is the ultimate reason for our whole life.

All our vocation can be summed up in the word Unity

If I were told to define the mission of our community in a single word I would not hesitate for a single moment to cry: 'unity'.  read more »

A passion for Unity

Jesus gave his life:

to gather into unity all the scattered children of God.
 read more »

Love Jesus to the point of folly

You will love Jesus with a measureless love, a love to the point of folly.  read more »

With the eyes of faith the Little sisters will find Jesus

The Little sisters will find Jesus  read more »

  • in the Scriptures,
  • the Eucharist,
  • the Church,
  • in every person created in the image of God.

The tiny newborn baby, Jesus

God wants to be contemplated and adored in this lowly state not only by the little but also by the great.  read more »

With a universal love

"You ask me if I am ready to go somewhere else, other than Beni-Abbes, in order to spread the Gospel. I am ready to go to the ends of the world and live till the day of Judgment." - Charles de Foucaud  read more »