Brother Charles - a family portrait

One of the people Charles de Foucauld was closest to was his older cousin Marie and at her urging, near the end of life, during a trip to France he met with her son Francois, who had taken a wayward path. An account by Francois de Bondy of that meeting is included and it provides a telling sketch portrait of the man.

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Hidden Racism

1953 Bassa, Cameroun1953 Bassa, Cameroun

Magdeleine writes about how racism is one of the most serious violations of love.  read more »

Rome, Centre of Unity

1962 With Father Voillaume1962 With Father Voillaume

Little sister Magdeleine writes to Father Voillaume about her desire for complete openness with the Roman authorities.  read more »

Building love

With the youthWith the youth

In central Lebanon, two Communities of little sisters started simultaneously in two villages scarcely 20 km from each other, but divided by generations of deep enmity. One of the villages, Ras Baalbeck, was Christian, the other Hermel, Muslim.

But for Little sister Magdeleine building up love should begin within the Community.  read more »

God's call to the poorest and for Magdeleine to give her life for Russia

1956 On the road to Eastern Europe1956 On the road to Eastern Europe

Little sister Magdeleine felt the Lord was calling her to leave for Russia for good. She set out on 8 September 1957. 'Now I am going to carry Jesus where there is such a need for hope.'  read more »

A smile on the world

1954 Vietnam1954 Vietnam

Already in 1956 Little sister Magdeleine puts the Little sisters in front of the challenges of living in the midst of the turmoil and suffering around them.  read more »

Considerate and respectful love

1949 Among travellers in France1949 Among travellers in France

The heart of the vocation is to love. It is to get rid of the illusion that one has always something to give to the other. It is to know how to receive especially from the 'poorest' in genuine friendship.  read more »