Parallel Texts from Pope Francis and Brother Charles-Introduction

Listening to Pope Francis's words one cannot but be struck not only by his explicit references to Brother Charles and his spiritual path but also by his emphasis on the Incarnation, the whole of the life of Jesus, born in a manger in Bethlehem, living for 30 years in Nazareth leading to the total gift of himself on the Cross.
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Parallel Texts from Pope Francis and Brother Charles-Christmas

Brother Charles and Pope Francis speak of responding to the Infant Jesus and giving priority to the poorest of our brothers and sisters.
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Little sister Magdeleine - Talk with Regugees 1940

1945 Touggourt1945 TouggourtExtract from the CONFERENCES of Little sister MAGDELEINE of Jesus, September – December 1940. Text preceding her little film about her life with the Semi nomads of Touggourt, Algeria.    
Speaking with a group of Refugees:
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From Jesus Caritas January 1960 Meditation on Faith

JC January 1960JC January 1960

Brother Charles's meditation on faith turns all our thinking upside down!  read more »