Little Sisters of Jesus

6 - Pewel Mala

Pewel Mala chapelPewel Mala chapel

The Community in Pewel Mala is in the mountains. Little sisters can come there for longer times of prayer and for days or weekends of retreat. The whole community is geared towards this welcome for prayer which is at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters.  read more »

5 - Machnow

Our house on a corporate farmOur house on a corporate farm

This Community started in 1985 on what had been a a collective farm during the communist era.  read more »

4 - Lublin (studies)

Student groupStudent group

All the Little sisters study theology for two years and several groups have followed courses at Lublin university.  read more »

3 - Krakow

first Church in Nowa Hutafirst Church in Nowa Huta

Krakow is famous for its Church in the neighbourhood of Nowa Huta, built when the country was still under a communist government.  read more »

Part of our History, Kostomloty

Kostomloty our houseKostomloty our house

Kostomloty is situated on the eastern side of Poland and the whole village belongs to the Slavonic Oriental Rite.  read more »

1 - Warszawa (Regional house)

Warszawa our blockWarszawa our block

The Warszawa community has a special role of being at the service of all the Little sisters in Poland.  read more »

2 - Czestochowa

Jasna GoraJasna Gora

The house in Czestochowa became the family home for many Little sisters dispersed in the different Eastern European countries where it was not possible for new Religious orders like ours to remain openly.  read more »

Part of our History: Circus Zalewski

With friends from the CircusWith friends from the Circus

The Little sisters in Poland spent several seasons with the Circus Zalewski and hope to return one day!  read more »

Unity in Love, at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus

India BangaloreIndia Bangalore

From the final chapter of the 'Green Booklet'

The rule of life of the Little Sisters of Jesus, the rule which is at the heart of their vocation, is the pursuit of Unity as willed by Christ, who died to gather together the scattered children of God&. Jn 11:52  read more »

Notes from my Diary, Talcahuano

Making jam!Making jam! Little sister Gertrud Veronika visits Talcahuana.
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