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Welcoming others in their diversity is a priority in all our communities. There where we live we want to make space for meeting the other with all their gifts.  read more »

Part of our History: Life in Iscos

Iscos our houseIscos our house

The Little sisters of Peru had hoped for a very long time to return to the Andes among the Quechua people.

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Newsnotes 2017

Emily at workEmily at workAn annual booklet published by the Little Sisters of Jesus.
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Little Sisters of Jesus in Cuba, Our two Communities

The first community of the Little sisters in Cuba opened in 1956.A young woman from the country joined the community in Europe and prepared the way.

We are now in three different areas:  read more »

Steps in the life of the Little Sisters of Jesus

Tre Fontane, 70th AnniversaryTre Fontane, 70th Anniversary

The first step is just to come and to share our life without any commitment. According to what is possible for each one it can be helpful to come first for a weekend or a short stay just to get to know each other.  read more »