We also have a community in Walsingham, a little village in Norfolk, which has been a place of pilgrimage to Our Lady, since the 10th Century.

Little Sisters Theresa and Kasia are part of the village.

The heart of the Walsingham message is Nazareth and the community seek to live this Nazareth way by being a praying presence of friendship not only in the village but also among the many visitors and pilgrims.

A welcome on the mat!A welcome on the mat!

Likewise Bethlehem leaves its special print on our lives giving us the confidence to say, alongside those whose lives are broken, that it is O.K. to be who we are. The many pilgrims who visit our chapel receive this message.

A new venture is the opening of a little pottery workshop in our house. Kasia from Poland previously worked with other Little sisters in the circus, travelling to different countries of Europe. She was also in a community of Little sisters earning a living working on fairgrounds and more recently she spent two years in Czestochowa running the pottery workshop there and gained experience.

Kasia has also found a job at the Pilgrim Hostel in the village, making beds and preparing the rooms for pilgrims. She works in a team of men and women from the village who have made her feel welcome and introduce her to the Norfolk way of life!

Workshop and toolsWorkshop and tools

Our chapel open day and night for prayerOur chapel open day and night for prayer