Websites of the Little Sisters of Jesus

Little Sisters of Jesus Hidden in a Tower Block, Hackney, London

Paul Willis meets the Sisters who were inspired by Charles de Foucauld to establish an oasis of prayer in an east London high-rise - an article from the Catholic Herald, 19 March 2010, by Paul Willis.

Little Sisters of Jesus, France

A French-language website of the Little Sisters of Jesus in France, regularly updated.

Space in the City Talk on Brother Charles (text and recording)

Link to Space in the city Website - an ecumenical initiative in Winchester. The theme for the present series of lunchtime talks is 'Going for Gold':
This is a serie of four talks on great spiritual thinkers of the last century who ‘ran with endurance the race set before them’ (Hebrews 12.1)

Sister Catharine presents the life and spirituality of Charles de Foucauld.

Little Sisters of Jesus: A contemplative life without walls

English-language page about a new foundation of the Little Sisters of Jesus in a Muslim neighbourhood in the diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, USA.

Little Sisters of Jesus, Mexico

Spanish-language website of the Little Sisters of Jesus in Mexico.

Little Sisters of Jesus, Switzerland

A website by the Little Sisters of Jesus in Switzerland in French and German.