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Charles de Foucauld Community in Britain

The Lay Community in Hackney, London includes litttle sisters of JesusThe Lay Community in Hackney, London includes litttle sisters of Jesus

In Britain, the different Foucauld families, lay and religious, work together as the 'Charles de Foucauld Community in Britain'. Follow GB Reporter's Blog for news of the Foucauld family in Britain.  read more »

Nazareth weekend with Little Brother Marc

"I lost my heart to Jesus of Nazareth”

I was invited to speak about “Nazareth”. Of course this is a central theme in the spirituality of Charles de Foucauld: like Brother Charles we were all seduced by the “human face of God at Nazareth” as Emmanuel Asi says. So I guess that nothing new will come out, but it is always important to come back to the source and drink fresh water.

My presentation will have 3 points:

- to look at how Charles de Foucauld’s conception of Nazareth evolved;

- to go through the Gospel and see what does that mean for Jesus to be a man of Nazareth;

- some fundamental attitudes to enter into the dynamic of Nazareth.  read more »

The Community of Br.Charles celebrates the Feast of the Annunciation

25th March 2011 at St.Saviour's Priory 18 Queensbridge Road Hackney, E2 8NS  read more »

Minster Abbey, February 2009

Tour of Minster AbbeyTour of Minster Abbey News and photos from the Foucauld Community week-end at Miinster Abbey, February 2009.
 read more »
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