13. Contemplative Vocation in everyday life

Vietnam HochiminvilleVietnam Hochiminville

You must bring your Contemplative Vocation into the midst of  the everyday life of  ordinary people.

Are you fully aware that despite the outer appearances of leading an apostolic life, you must be a true contemplative?  Your contemplative life will have to be all the more luminous and fruitful, precisely because you have chosen to be plunged in the activity of everyday life like leaven in the dough.

It takes well-prepared leaven to keep its strength when it comes into contact with the dough, and to make it rise.  And so, in order that you may be kneaded deeply into the midst of mankind without imprudence, you will have to be filled to overflowing with Christ. He will be the leaven, working through you.

In order that the fraternities may always be open and welcoming without this being a drawback but rather an advantage, they must be homes radiant with prayer and love, simplicity and peace, gentleness and joy. Your homes must be like the house of Nazareth, with Jesus living among you. Through prayer and love, Jesus must so fill your heart and your soul that others may see him and find him through you.

Hospitality and charity are vital duties for you, and keeping to the observances of your daily community life and the rule of silence must be subordinate to them. But you must know how to keep interior silence and how to practice interior prayer in the midst of all that is going on around you. Otherwise you would go adrift, and you would no longer be lovingly united with Jesus in all you do. Then too you will have to know how to come back with joy to outer silence whenever the Lord’s will does not call you to another duty.