14. Jesus the greatest contemplative

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The spiritual dangers of a vocation plunged into the everyday life of people around you are many. Such a vocation calls for a very deep interior life, a very deep fellowship with Jesus.

It is a contemplative vocation. Brother Charles of Jesus, your father, was a great man of prayer. If you were made for action only and did not have this contemplative vocation, you would not be able to live up to all that he asks of you.

Contemplatives in the midst of the world, daring to say that their contemplative life can be lived to the full in the crowded cities or on the highways as well as in a monastery. Some people are surprised at this, but think of Jesus, the greatest contemplative of all, think of his hidden life at Bethlehem and Nazareth, of his public life on the roads. Jesus retired into the desert for only 40 days far from the crowds while he live 33 years among his people, simply as one of them He was God, that is true but he became man to show us the way. We cannot go wrong if we follow Jesus and seek to imitate him:

I have set an example for you so that you will do just what I have done for you. (Jn 13:15)