Gloria's insights into living friendship

What strikes me is that the Little sisters manage to live in friendship and show God’s love for everybody without imposing their beliefs. They do it quite simply through what they do, through being present. Their way is to share their belief in God and his love for us from within their hearts. So I am learning from them that my relationship with God begins in my heart and mind and not first and foremost through formal practice. I see that it is more firmly based on contemplation of God but within my everyday life, getting up and going to work each morning, catching the bus and working in a coffee shop. Now I feel Jesus is always besides me. I am starting to reach out to those I meet in a new way. Its about being more conscious of the question ‘What would Jesus do and say?‘ I have been learning to be obedient to God in ordinary life. I chose to take a break year before starting University. Choosing an ordinary job has been important for me to understand better how Jesus lived and worked in Nazareth. I have discovered the value of humility and acceptance in making me grow as a person. I must be willing to continuously take small steps everyday.