16. The Eucharist and the Gospel

In EgyptIn Egypt

But a contemplative life like this requires a training.

You will become a contemplative through your life of adoration, “the most complete expression of perfect love.”  It will be a life of prayer entirely centered on Jesus living and present in the Eucharist and the Gospel. You will become contemplative through your eucharistic life. Trying to make your days one long thanksgiving.  Only the limit of your love will put a limit to your communion with the Lord.

Holy Communion will be your way of participating fully in the eucharistic sacrifice. There you will draw your daily strength and fervour.  The sacrifice of the Mass will give you the means to join the prayer and work and suffering of your day to the redeeming Passion of the Savior.

You will go to the Sacrament of Penance as you would go to Christ. Courageously you will bring him all of your shortcomings and your failings, knowing in faith that through Jesus’ Blood you will receive not only the pardon of your sins but the grace of Redemption which is the source of life and holiness.

Your treasure will be the Gospel.  It is the Book of Life and contains the science of Love. Let it penetrate your mind and heart so that your life itself will preach the Gospel and you may become a Gospel in action.

You will make your community another Nazareth with the tabernacle for its center, where Jesus is present in the Eucharist.  What joy it will be to go to Jesus often and receive from him his charity and his life. Then you will be a channel through which he reaches others.

This is the way to accomplish the mission Brother Charles has given you.  This is how to make the communities howt he wanted them to be:

Little families so burning with the love of the heart of Jesus that the fire Jesus brought to earth is kindled…  Zaouias of prayer and hospitality radiant with such love of the Lord that the community is lighted and warmed…  A little family imitating so perfectly the virtues of Jesus that all those around will come to love Jesus too.  (Brother Charles of Jesus to Henri de Castries, March 12, 1902).