17. One Model, Jesus Love

You will have only One model Jesus, Jesus-Caritas  Jesus-Love

Offering your life in self-sacrifice for the world’s redemption – stripping yourself of everything in total poverty – leading a life plunged in the midst of mankind like leaven in the dough – a contemplative life in the midst of the world.  All these are means for making your vocation as a little sister of Jesus a reality.

 But to give your vocation all its meaning and to unify all its aspects, you will need to live to the fullest the motto that was so dear to Brother Charles of Jesus. It sums up everything: Jesus-Caritas – Jesus-Love.

 It will simplify and bring light to your whole life.

 The way that Little Brother Charles of Jesus leads us is not new, unless we think that to follow Jesus as he did is something new.  He chose One Model: Jesus. He had one leader, one Master only: Jesus. He will tell you to have but one thought, one Love, one desire: Jesus. He will tell you that only one thing is necessary: to love Jesus.

He will tell you to “walk with your feet in his footprints”, “your hand in his hand” – to “live his life” – “lovingly to reproduce his likeness.”  He will ask you by the grace of God you let yourself be so penetrated by Jesus’ Spirit that “you think his thoughts, speak his words, do as he did; in short that you disappear so that through you he may speak and act with his own Heart and Will.”

Brother Charles will teach you all the virtues, but always with reference to Jesus so that you may become more and more like him.

When he speaks to you of obedience, he will ask you to become one with Jesus, as Jesus was one with his Father:

The Father and I are one. (Jn 10:30)

I always do what pleases my Father.(Jn 8:29)

When he speaks to you of gentleness, he will ask you to imitate the Lamb of God. He will  tell you to “cultivate gentle, tender, charitable thoughts”, the thoughts Jesus had.  He will tell you to avoid anything that could weaken the charity which must reign among us, for we are all Jesus’ brothers and sisters, “children of our Father in Heaven.”  “Yield your rights and let yourself be wronged rather than defending yourself”, he will say, so that you may imitate Jesus, “who kept silence before his judges and had only prayers for his tormenters”.

When he speaks to you of poverty and humility, he will speak of the poverty and humility of Jesus, who made himself the last of all and the servant of all. 

“The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life for the redemption of many.”  (Mt 20:28)

When he speaks to you of chastity, he will ask you to give yourself completely to your beloved Brother and Lord Jesus. Then your capacities for loving, freed from all ties, will find total fulfillment in Divine Love.

When he speaks to you of truly loving and universal charity, he will ask you to be very loving in thought, word and action, as you would have been in the company of the Holy Family at Nazareth. He will ask you this so that through your love people will recognize in you true disciples of the Lord and be able to say, “See how they love one another.”

It is by the love that you have for one another that all will recognize that you are my disciples. (Jn 13:35)