Nazareth yesterday, today and tomorrow

Little sister Magdeleine and Nazareth

It was left to L.S. Magdeleine and Fr. Voillaume to bring to life the ideals of Nazareth as set out by Brother Charles for a Religious Congregation. He died without followers.

Sister Theresa has found a friend!Sister Theresa has found a friend!

I shall speak only of Little sister. Magdeleine here. Brother Charles' intuitions of Nazareth correspond completely to Little Sister Magdeleine's desires for a religious life. Her expressions vary, for Little Sister Magdeleine there is no Nazareth without Bethlehem. Bethlehem where Christ the Son of God chose, through a little infant's helplessness, the state of complete abandon. This is the heart of the Gospel. "If you do not become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven" Humility, littleness, meekness, all of our life must have its source in Bethlehem. Hackney all giving a hand!Hackney all giving a hand!For Little Sister Magdeleine Nazareth is becoming human, in the midst of humanity. "Like Jesus during His life on earth, make yourself all things to all people, Arab in the midst of Arabs, a nomad among nomads, a worker among working people, but above all be human in the midst of humanity. Do not set up barriers between you and people in order to keep your dignity as a religious". We are made to be deeply mixed into the crowds like Jesus on the roads of Galilee. Hemmed in and pushed from all sides. Jesus was not afraid of eating with sinners, making them feel at home, so much so, that his integrity was questioned by the Pharisees. He looses his credibility because he is too human. Little Sister Magdeleine said, "I want to bequeath to you the ideal of a very human holiness. I want you to drive out, once and for all, any taste for the extraordinary"