Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus and Nomadism


1950 El Abiodh Tent  Fr Voillaumewith Little Sister Magdeleine and Little sister Jeanne1950 El Abiodh Tent Fr Voillaume with Little Sisters Magdeleine and Jeanne

My first encounter with Little sister Magdeleine 

When on March 19th 1938, in El Golea, I met Miss Hutin for the first time, later she would become Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus, she presented me with her plan to found a congregation of Little Sisters consecrated exclusively to the nomads and living in tents with them. I think I remember receiving this project with some astonishment and a certain reserve.

1939 Touggourt 1939 Touggourt

Eighteen months later, in October 1939, having completed her noviciate with the White Sisters, required by Bishop Nouet, she accomplished her dream by establishing herself, still alone, in Sidi Boujnan near Touggourt, Algeria. Thus she could be close to a little settlement of nomads who lived under tents sewn from strips of material. They were too poor to have flocks and to migrate. God alone knows the depth of the feelings of love and tenderness that Little Sister Magdeleine experienced toward these poor nomads which she kept in her heart until her death.