Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus and Nomadism

Serving tea to a Tuareg friendServing tea to a Tuareg friend

Nomadic communities in many countries

In fact, foundations among nomad populations followed one after another. When the Little Sisters leave for the Near East to begin communities belonging to the Oriental Churches, a community is set up leading a nomadic life with a Muslim population in the Hauran region of Syria. A community then begins in the Hoggar living in a tent among the Tuareg.

Among the Toubous 2005 Among the Toubous

This is followed by a foundation in Somalia among the Afars, and then in Niger, in the region of Agades with the Foulbe and Bororos who are shepherds, and also in the desert areas of Chad among the Toubou nomads. One of the Toubous later said to them, "When you arrived we were Toubou people and you were guests. But now, together, we have become a new people."